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South Side is a joke


It is such a shame that our so called decision makers have made South Side a laughing stock of the city.

The drinking, trash, garbage, fights are all jokes that go around the city about South Side. You have the spoiled rich kids from uppity neighborhoods who come to South Side, party, drink, fight and trash the entire neighborhood and then go back to their quiet, clean and respected neighborhoods.

Years ago South Side was a well-respected close knit hard working neighborhood where neighbors looked out for one another and there was pride of how clean the entire neighborhood was. I have lived on the South Side all my life graduating from South High as did my children and stayed after marriage.

Now, all I am doing is looking for a house away from South Side. I am tired of jokes, and actually disgraced about the entire area. Just because there are very expensive homes built on the South Side that does not make it the place where people want to stay forever.

With some of the rumors going around about other neighborhoods on the rise, maybe the high and mighty South Side will see their fancy homes by the river turn into Section 8. The way the turnover is with real estate that may be soon. 

What a shame such a neighborhood with a beautiful history now is the joke that will go down in history.

Carol Schmidt

South Side


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