Real Estate transactions for issue of 1/14/14


16th Ward

Estate of Wayne Miller to Birlena Coleman at 2114 Brent St. for $6,000.

Richard Greeno to Erica Durbin at 114 S. 26th St. for $118,550.

Housing & Urban Development to Triple A Investments LLC at 421 Walde St. for $11,519.

17th Ward

Robert Anthony Bukowski to Annie & Co. LLC at 8 St. Leo St. for $25,000.

18th Ward

Julie Schad Major to Herbert McConnell III at 64 Pasadena St. for $59,000.

Michael Troiani to Brenda Spencer at 212 Roseton St. for $129,000.

19th Ward

Jessica Clevenger trustee et al. to Newman Grandview LLC at 519 Grandview Ave. for $487,077.

Robert Clevenger trustee to Newman Grandview LLC at 520 Grandview Ave. for $800,000.

Robert Clevenger to Newman Grandview LLC at 525-527 Grandview Ave. for $262,923.

John Cura to Perfect Sense Properties LLC at 711 Omaha St. for $35,000.

Josh Lucas to Jonathan and Jason Yee at 68 Southern Ave. for $106,250.

Josephine Kuhn to Rafael and Alberta Quimpo at 1 Trimont Lane Unit 590E for $420,000.

29th Ward

Estate of David Bruce Hendler to Michael Zurawsky at 429 Antenor Ave. for $15,000.

Harvey Gardner to Kenneth and Barbara Delraso at 46 Clifton Blvd. for $80,000.

Linda Revetta to Alliance PA Holdings LLC at 110 E. Agnew Ave. for $35,000.

Ashley Austin Fina to Stephanie and Derek Richard at 239 Meredith St. for $63,000.

Henry Schwarzkopf trustee to Mark Goyak at 1710 Mt. Joseph St. for $69,000.

Leo Hutchison to Brian Hutchison at 332 Redwood St. for $52,506.

Estate of Stanley Fajerski to William Actille at 209 The Blvd. for $67,000.

30th Ward

Deborah Prise to DM Zucckero LLC at 67 Amanda Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $10,100).

Pittsburgh Landmark Group LLC to Jakov Segal at 316 Moore Ave. for $48,000.

Priority Business Services LLC to Crown Suncrest L.P. at 217 Suncrest St. for $84,000.

Mt. Oliver

Estate of Colleen Marie Gestiehr to TI Long Term Holdings 1 LLC at 410 Carl St. for $33,000.

Ronald Holzer et al. to William Dever and Raymond Lattner at 124 Locust St. for $13,500.

Michael Harrington to CAH 1 L.P. at 127 Margaret St. for $32,000.

Estate of Daniel Wereszczynski to Dennis and Michelle Doas at 154 Sherman St. for $7,000.


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