Good news does make news


You have surely deleted that old news adage about “Good news doesn’t make news.”

Your Dec. 10 issue had two outstanding “good news” stories on Page 1, and both very likely brought smiles to the faces of your readers. They surely did for me.

The top story (Hilltop groups get their chance to boast a little bit at annual event) showed community leaders getting together to plan ways to help youth on our Hilltop. Bravo! The YMCA has a good organization in Knoxville, on Brownsville Road to teach computer use to young people, but that is one project only. Surely the Hilltop youth need more. Bless these people with their worthy project!

Another story, “Volunteers prepare more than 2,000 Thanksgiving meals...” is another burst of sunlight on the Hilltop scene. Yes, Officer Christine Luffey is the main sparkplug of this seasonal plan, but hordes of people backed up her idea, and as a result more than 2,000 people had good reason to be thankful for a delicious dinner courtesy of their fellow humans.

The third story -- problems with the lights on Carson Street -- oh well, Can’t win ‘em all, I guess. But those two stories about people-to-people help for those who need help -- surely brightened up a gray December day for me.

Here’s hoping the support will be forthcoming to establish these projects as something all of us can be proud about. How and where do we sign up to help?

Jean Goldstrom



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