Police begin issuing letters to car owners about litter


The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has partnered with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) to pilot a litterbug hotline campaign to enable citizens to report incidences of trash or litter being tossed from vehicles onto the streets of Pittsburgh.

The hotline reporting system is available via phone and online. PRC and the City’s “Don’t Trash My Turf!” campaign are designed to instill pride in one’s “home turf” utilizing citizens to not only take action to prevent littering but to also be a resource to clean up litter in the community.

Residents now have an easy way to report littering incidents in the city by calling the “Don’t Trash My Turf” hotline at 412-431-4534 or completing a form online at http://www.DontTrashMyTurf.org.

Upon receiving a report, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police will send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle in violation alerting the owner this action was observed and that littering in the city of Pittsburgh is a violation under Section 3709 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Dropping, throwing or depositing litter upon any highway can result in a fine of up to $300.

Acting Police Chief Regina McDonald advises, “Tossing a few pieces of litter along the side of a road may not seem like a serious matter, but it is. Our goal is to educate both law abiding citizens and litter violators via this campaign. We want to encourage our citizens and visitors to keep their eyes open and to take an active role keeping the city clean by helping to reduce the amount of litter scattered on our roadways.”

Since launching the “Don’t Trash My Turf” campaign in 2012, the City of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Resources Council have concentrated on a three-pronged strategy to tackle littering via awareness, clean-up and enforcement efforts.


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slvr writes:

Here is the direct link to the form http://www.donttrashmyturf.org/hotline-form.html


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