Real Estate transactions for issue of 10/8/13


16th Ward

Samuel DiCicco Jr. to Nathan and Jill Lutz at 2617 Larkins Way for $160,000.

Kevin Krider to Ulrich and Kathleen Kelly Siebenlist at 2910 Mary St. for $355,000.

Rachel Jones to April Mae and Chad McKee at 2250 Mary St. 108 for $275,000.

Estate of Anthony Faiella Jr. to Ruth Ann Isaacson at 2014 Spring St. for $17,000.

Andrew Boltzhauser to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 433 Walde St. for $1,892 by sheriff’s deed.

17th Ward

Lillian Busch to Daniel Painter at 1611 Arlington Ave. for $8,000.

RHO Enterprises LLC to VL Properties LLC at 1925 Huron St. for $55,000.

Winfield Carson III et al. to Marcia Theoret at 34 Magdalena St. for $65,000.

18th Ward

Lavern Doven to Johnathan and Caitlin Seiler at 121 Reifert St. for $70,000.

Windom Hill Place L.P. to Savannah and Donald Baril at 26 Windom Hill Place for $720,880.

19th Ward

Thomas Korey to Frank Dominek at 1324 Virginia Ave. for $104,350.

Sweetbriar Street LLP to Robert Trinkle and Kathy Pape at 457 Wyola St. for $395,000.

29th Ward

John King to Brian Hutchison at 141 Birmingham Ave. for $15,000.

Kenneth Walz to Leslie Ann and Michael William Rogers at 557 Brinwood Ave. for $135,000.

Realty Choice Investments LLC to Eliran and Yehudit Nahum at 4 Copperfield Ave. for $40,000.

Sandra Steele to Roseann and Tanya Lubawski at 2699 Custer Ave. for $62,000.

Estate of Joseph Surgent Jr. to EF Samara Enterprises LLC at 129 Duffland St. for $47,000.

Ann Romah Fillmore to Alexandra Maxwell at 2443 Edgar St. for $96,500.

Travis Bui Klime et al. to Jeffrey Smith at 513 Kirk Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $33,750).

Deborah Yakim to Thomas and Linda Miller at 35 Maytide St. for $20,000.

Earl Kleckner to Jason Goble at 1424 Nobles Lane for $50,000.

Estate of Mary Ann Fretz to Jessie and Rhonda Price at 295 Ruthwood Ave. for $39,800.

Gary Morgan to Eric Baldinger at 123 The Blvd. for $121,000.

30th Ward

Timothy Estep to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 420 Daytona St. for $1,793 by sheriff’s deed.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Igor Vainshtein at 73 Knox Ave. for $19,900.

Mt. Oliver

Rudolph Perella to Carmine Perella at 107 St. Joseph St. for $20,000.


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