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Incline manager 'two for two' on finding lost wedding rings


Huiming Mao shows off the wedding ring he lost off the side of the Duquesne Incline’s observation deck with incline manager Tom Reinheimer. For the second time in months, Mr. Reinheimer was able to locate the ring on the Mount Washington hillside and return it.

Tom Reinheimer, manager of the Duquesne Incline, is now two for two in recovering wedding rings lost over the edge of the incline’s observation deck.

Over the Independence Day weekend, Huiming Mao and his family on a friend’s recommendation were visiting the observation deck to enjoy the beautiful view.

His four year old daughter wanted to try the scenic telescope, but was too small and would need to be held up to see. Mr. Mao lifted his daughter and when he put her down the ring slipped off his finger.

The ring would roll and drop off the edge of the deck and down onto the steep slope of Mount Washington.

“That is the exact wedding band on which I exchanged my marriage vow with my wife twelve years ago. So it means a lot to me and my family. You understand why I was so shocked and disappointed right after I lost it,” he wrote in an email.

“Most of my friends thought this was just an accident and I could not get it back. I had only a tiny little bit more hope than they had. I prayed to God when you went onto the cliff to search for my lost wedding band.”

Mr. Reinheimer, like he had done several months earlier, searched the hillside below the observation deck and was able to find the ring. Two for two on wedding ring searches.

When Mr. Mao heard Mr. Reinheimer ask, “Is it silver?” he became happy knowing his platinum ring had been found.

“You are my hero! I will remember my visit to the Duquesne Incline and your help forever,” Mr. Mao wrote to the incline manager.

“I was also interested to learn that you found another couple’s wedding band not long ago. You are the luckiest and kindest person to help two families get back their wedding bands within less than two months. Maybe you can consider buying a few lottery tickets”


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