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By Sarah Beth Martin
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Mount Washington - there's an app for that - coming soon


In a brief forum meeting last week, the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) updated residents on its existing projects and gave a glimpse of great things to come.

Sometime over the next several months, tech-savvy individuals will be able to say of Mount Washington, “There’s an app for that.” A digital application for the area is currently in the research and development phase, according to MWCDC Outreach and Events Coordinator Christina Howell.

The app, Ms. Howell said, will allow people to easily pull up information about the Mount on their smartphones, giving them access to business addresses and phone numbers, photos, driving/walking directions and other resources to help them navigate and enjoy the neighborhood.

Ms. Howell explained the development of the app is but one part of the MWCDC’s larger goal to further incorporate technology into its community outreach and communications.

“(The MWCDC’s) Facebook and Twitter pages have been very useful in helping people answer questions they wouldn’t otherwise be able to answer, and has provided visitors with priceless information,” said Ms. Howell.

“It’s also encouraged us to push for more digital resources,” she continued. “In addition to the app, we’d like to update our website to make it more approachable and user-friendly… and expand our print newsletter and compliment it with an e-newsletter.

“All of this is our way of making (the MWCDC’s) communications more about the community and less about the MWCDC itself.”

Sharing more about the MWCDC and the community it serves, Kendra McLaughlin, spirited ReEnergize “energy ambassador” for Mount Washington, presented information on energy efficiency and gave common sense recommendations on how to save money and the environment by being more conscientious and conservative.

Ms. McLaughlin distributed refrigerator magnets listing tips such as using cold rather than warm water to wash clothes; turning the water off when brushing teeth or shaving; insulating doors and windows in both winter and summer; and using natural light.

A sign-up sheet was also passed around, where interested residents could register to receive more information on energy efficiency and savings, and programs offering low-cost or free services on everything from WattChoice light bulbs to home energy audits.

Last to take the floor for the evening was Marilyn Caye, who has been planning the MWCDC’s annual dinner at the LeMont for the past six years.

“Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 14 at 6 p.m.,” Ms. Caye said with a smile. “We already have a beloved Penguin and a beloved Steeler on board to co-host the dinner… It will be a fabulous time, offered at a manageable price.”

“We’re accepting gift basket donations from now until October,” Ms. Caye went on. “Anyone who would like to donate goods, services—anything—no matter how big or small, is welcome to contact me.”

To donate gift basket items, email Ms. Caye at, and check back with The South Pittsburgh Reporter for more information on the upcoming event and other MWCDC news.


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