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By Margaret L Smykla
Contributing Writer 

Mount Oliver council has public safety theme, adds police officers


Mount Oliver mayor James Cassidy swore in four new borough police officers at the June council meeting. Taking the oath were officers (from left): Patrick Lucas, Darnell Young, Tom McCarthy and Adam Candioto.

The June 17 Mount Oliver council meeting began with Mayor James Cassidy swearing in new part-time police officers Adam Candiodo, Patrick Lucas, Tom McCarthy, and Darnell Young. All four are already on the job.

Councilman Darnell Sains was absent.

In his report, borough intern Ricky Hopkinson reminded attendees the borough’s new “block group” meets the second Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the fire hall. Issues include crime and safety; code enforcement; nuisance properties; trash collection; and more.

At last week’s meeting, he received 11 complaint forms, of which eight or nine have already been addressed by the building inspector/building code official or the police.

He also reported he took the tree tending course last week. One more volunteer is needed to form a shade tree commission, which a community must have before it can receive trees through grants.

Once a commission is formed, his goal is to come up with a master tree plan. Any resident who would like to be on a Mount Oliver shade tree commission, or volunteer with a commission, should contact him.

Mr. Hopkinson also reported the county is running a side yard and community beautification program in which vacant properties can be purchased by residents at reduced cost. Application deadline is July 15.

For more information, contact the program manager at 412-350-1079.

In the borough’s side lot program, if residents want to buy a vacant lot owned by Mount Oliver, they must own the home next to the lot.

Mr. Hopkinson also reported the Hilltop Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) has a new website: .

In the mayor’s report for May, there were 715 calls for service from the police department, and the K-9 units were used 16 times. Officers conducted 117 park-and-walks, nine targeted patrols, and 25 community-oriented details. Six nuisance properties are under investigation.

All the department’s computers are up and running.

The parking enforcement officer wrote 88 borough tickets, while the police department wrote 13 borough tags. Thirty-two state citations were issued for parking.

Council approved training for two officers for five days in Allentown, PA in October at a cost of $1,650.

Acting Chief Sergeant Matt Juzwick reported there were 65 domestic calls and 18 narcotics arrests in May, with most of the drug arrests in the 100-200 block of Brownsville Rd.

For more information, visit the borough website: .

Council President Billie Michener commended the police for two specific incidents. In the first, after meeting the acting chief at a block group meeting, a Sherman St. resident called him with tips regarding crime on his street. The resident wrote down license plate numbers and times of activities.

As a result, an arrest was made on a probation violation.

The other incident involved the arrest of a shoplifter at Miller Hardware. As it was a third conviction for the offender, they were taken to jail.

In the engineer’s report, council voted to authorize the final payment of $7,664.06 to Soli Construction for work to correct sewer defects. The job was inspected by Gateway Engineers.

In his report, ordinance officer Steve Wilharm said there were 111 items and 93 violations. Repeat offenders were fined $300 for violations.

Mrs. Michener said she would look into establishing a new program in which recipients of borough citations who do not pay the fine or correct the problem within 48 hours appear before council. If the issue is still not resolved, a state citation would be issued and the case would go to the magistrate.

In the public works report, council voted to install a water line at Ormsby Park as there is no water source there now. The new line will help with future projects, such as a fountain for children.

Councilman Corey McGough said he hopes to bring bids to council in the near future for repairing curbs, like the ones on Church Avenue and Otillia Street.

Borough residents were asked to return any old borough signs they come across. New signs are being painted on the back of the old signs to save money.

Mr. McGough said he hired a part-time worker a month ago. He also wanted to hire Mr. Wilharm’s son, Stevie, for part-time summer work. Council voted for the hire, with Stevie Wilharm starting once a background check is completed.

Mr. McGough said when a full-time hire is made, it will be a qualified person who can assume Supervisor John Michener’s duties whenever Mr. Michener is on vacation or ill.

In the economic development report, there was a reminder the Hilltop Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) meets the last Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Elder-ado Senior Center, 320 Brownsville Rd.

In the Waste Management report, the company is sending bills to tenants regardless of a 1999 borough ordinance requires the bills be sent to the property owner.

The company’s SHACOG contract is up this year, at which time other haulers will have an opportunity to bid on providing the service.

Mrs. Michener said the borough’s biggest problem with Waste Management is tenants keep getting the bills.

In the code enforcement report, there were 18 complaints, 72 violations, 26 citations, seven legal actions filed, 23 rental inspections along with two building permits and three business licenses issued.

In the question-and-answer session, a resident asked if there was any low-skill work for the public works department that volunteers could do.

Mr. McGough said there was, and took the resident’s phone number.

In unfinished business, council adopted a resolution for non-uniform employees’ pensions.

In other news, the county park department’s traveling sports clinic will be at Transverse Field on June 24 and June 25 from 10 a.m. to noon, and 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

The free clinics offer instruction in proper sports techniques for youngsters age 6 and over.

For more information, visit:, or call 412-350-2478.

The next council meeting will be on July 15.


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