South Pittsburgh streets among those on city's 2013 paving list


Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced late last week the City’s Department of Public Works will pave another 40 miles of city streets this year, and added that the 2013 Paving Plan is now available online.

All six DPW divisions, representing the entire city, have begun paving work. Residents can connect with the city’s social media outlets – including its website, Facebook and Twitter pages – to receive weekly paving schedules. Residents can also call the Mayor’s 3-1-1 Response Line to receive paving information.

“This year’s capital budget allows us to invest in our infrastructure and improve even more roads in our city,” Mr. Ravenstahl said. “Paving and resurfacing city streets is just one way that we work to keep Pittsburgh as America’s ‘Most Livable City.’”

This year, the city will invest $10 million into its paving program, resurfacing 40 miles of city streets, totaling 302 miles of streets paved since 2006. The city posted its 2013 Paving Plan to its website. The plan includes streets to be paved and city maps showing roads paved from 2006 to 2012.

South Pittsburgh streets currently on the list include:

• Alcove Way from Transverse Avenue to the dead end;

• Brinwoood Avenue from Waterman Avenue to city limit;

Brownsville Road from McKinley Street to Laughlin;

• Churchview Avenue from Spencer Avenue to city limit;

• Ellendell Street from Glade Street to Bellamy Place;

• Jane Street from S. 18th Street to S. 23rd Street;

• Josephine Street from S. 18th Street to Kosciusko Way;

• Parkwood Road from Mountain Avenue to dead end;

• S. 18th Street from Riverside Mews to South Shore Ct .;

• Athlone Way from Octave Way to dead end;

• Boggs Avenue from Wyoming Street to W. Warrington Avenue;

• Gaskel Street from Guerdon Way to Cuthbert Street;

• Guerdon Way from Virginia Avenue to Gaskel Street;

• Hallock Street from Virginia Avenue to dead end;

• Hallock Street from Grandview Avenue to Piermont Street;

• Piado Way from Hallock Street to Olympia Street;

• Rohm Way from Piado Way to Piermont Street;

• Secane Avenue from Ruth Street to Laclede Street;

• Seward Street from Ruthledge Street to dead end;

• Shiloh Street from Grandview Avenue to Southern Avenue; and,

• Southern Avenue from Virginia Avenue to Boggs Avenue.

The list is subject to change based on utility disruptions and other unforeseen events. Residents can also follow DPW on Twitter using the Twitter handle “@CityPGH_DPW” to receive weekly paving schedules and road closures that affect residents’ commutes.

The average life of a surfaced street is 10-12 years. Street resurfacing is prioritized based on outlined criteria and defined for primary, secondary, and tertiary streets. Streets to be resurfaced are compiled from the following criteria: overall street condition, which is monitored in the Cartègraph Pavement Management System (PMS); high traffic volume streets; condition of surrounding streets; and time since last resurfacing.

Based on environmental conditions, the street paving work season is performed through November.

The DPW’s Asphalt Paving Division uses an electronic database for tracking, monitoring and scheduling street maintenance. This Cartegraph Pavement Management System (PMS) itemizes streets based on individual street segments defined by road surface type, from intersection to intersection.


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