Two many in one block?


Recent developments in the council of Mount Michener should give the subjects pause to reflect on what has happened in their little fiefdom on the hill.

In recent months, Council President Billie Michener and her band of followers dismissed two long-time police officers and replaced them with three part time officers.

But what really should give borough residents something to think about is the turning of their council into a block group with a majority of current members of council living on the same street, Church Avenue.

Given that Mount Michener is only about one-third of a square mile in total area, it wouldn’t be unexpected for several council members to come from the same part of the neighborhood or even the same street.

The part that is unusual is when you Google the addresses of the current council, not two or even three live on the same street, but five (including the two recently appointed members). It gets inquiring minds to wondering even more when you consider all five live within a little more than the length of a football field.

According to information readily available on the internet, borough council members living in the 300 block of Church Avenue are:

John Smith, 313 Church Avenue;

David Lowe, 318 Church Avenue (recently appointed);

Billie Michener, 319 Church Avenue; and,

Vanessa Talley, 322 Church Avenue (recently appointed);

Corey McGough, 314 Church Avenue.

If the 300 block of Church Avenue has a block party and even four of the council members show up, they have a quorum.

With so many council members living within such a short distance of each other (and two of those appointed in the last two months), the council and the subjects of Mount Michener should be wary of the opportunity for violating the state’s Sunshine Act by discussing borough business, intended or not.

Note: Sometimes you make a mistake when the wrong information comes up in the in the browser. Councilman John Smith does not live in the 300 block of Church Avenue, leaving only a quorum of four council members in the block.


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