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Sgt. Williams firing wrong


Last updated 4/1/2013 at 4:59pm

I would like to comment on how the firing of Mount Oliver Sgt. Keith Williams was conducted.

Here are some questions this Mount Oliver Council will have to answer eventually:

How was Sgt. Williams insubordinate? If so, was he counseled or reprimanded verbally or in writing and by who?

Was Sgt. Williams ever reprimanded in the time he has been a Mount Oliver police officer and by who and when?

Who is in charge of the police in Mount Oliver? Council members Billie Michener, Darnell Sains, Corey McGough or the mayor? There is no chain of command in existence. Anyone on council gives orders and directives to the police and more times than not verbally.

This council has managed to destroy the police department. This seems to be a personal vendetta by council members, as Mr. Farneth stated when he was removed from a council meeting a few months ago.

The only thing Sgt. Williams is guilty of is standing up for himself. He wasn’t going to become a pawn in Ms. Michener’s campaign against the police department.

If the residents of this borough don’t rise up to this latest injustice, there will not be a borough to speak of.

I was told at the last meeting on March 18, that it would be a conflict of interest if I was appointed to the Civil Service Commission because I am related to the chief of police, Frank Mossesso. I was told this by Mr. Sains, nominator of David Lowe for a vacant council seat, for which he was voted in by council and took the seat.

Mr. Lowe is Mr. McGough’s uncle. This is not a conflict of interest, however?

Now there are three council members who live on Church Avenue.

This council has managed to fire one of the most professional, well respected and liked officers in the borough. There have been nothing but positive remarks about Sgt. Williams during the time he served this borough.

All disciplinary procedures were circumvented by this council.

Frank Bernardini

Mount Oliver


Reader Comments(1)

Badcouncil writes:

I could not agree with Frank more! The Mount Oliver Borough Council should be completely overhauled and the first to be removed should be Bille Michener. The complete abuse of power and decision making is an increditable outrage. People of Mount Oliver please ban together to remove existing Council members! MOPD suffers with Billie Michener in charge, she has no ones best interest at heart beside her own. Ms. Michener, people are watching and are aware of your intentions!


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