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Why can't the Post Office leave a message?


I had another package stolen from my ront door.

My daughter and her family sent me a package for my birthday, Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office in Oklahoma. It was delivered February 19 from the Mount Oliver Post Office.

The driver left it on my front step. Since I live on Pius Street, I only have a sidewalk and two steps into my house.

Why can’t they leave a note they tried to deliver the package? I would gladly go pick it up.

A Post Office employee said they weren’t permitted to do that. He said there are a lot of packages stolen from the neighborhood. So why do they leave them outside?

He said there is nothing he could do. He couldn’t care less.

I had two packages stolen in November, a lady found the empty boxes on the 15th Street bridge.

It’s funny my gift made it from Oklahoma to South Side only to be stolen in front of my house. I wish the drivers would think before they leave a package. How would they like their gifts stolen?

Judi Berner

South Side Slopes


Reader Comments

Brad writes:

Simple solution, have your parcels sent signature required. If nobody is there to sign for it it gets taken back to the PO and notice is left. Yes it is a extra service and there is a extra fee, same as with UPS or FedEx.but in your situatin a extra $2.70 well spent

commonsense writes:

I suggest you report your stolen items to the police. They are paid to protect you and your property. You might consider renting a P. O. Box if you live in a neighborhood plagued with crime.


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