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Readshaw bill would give control over liquor licenses


State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, has introduced House Bill 262, which would allow local communities to control the number and type of liquor-license establishments are located in a specific community.

Current law only limits liquor licenses on a county-wide level.

“Under my bill, municipalities would have the right to control the number of these establishments, not the state,” Mr. Readshaw said. “Local communities are better judges of the needs and abuses of alcohol on a more personal level. While I have heard numerous complaints about bars in the South Side, this bill would give all communities an avenue to say enough is enough.”

The bill would allow a community to establish a liquor license maximum saturation ratio which could be community-wide or neighborhood or district based.

Rep. Readshaw’s bill would make it harder to transfer liquor licenses between communities if one of the communities has established a maximum saturation ratio and the transfer would exceed the pre-established ratio.

Mr. Readshaw introduced a similar bill, H.B. 353, last session, which was not considered by the House Liquor Control Committee.


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