City unveils tool to help residents determine taxes


Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has unveiled a user-friendly web tool to help property owners determine their 2013 property tax bill in light of Allegheny County’s property reassessments.

City Council last week passed the mayor’s proposal to lower the property taxation rate, or millage rate, by 30 percent and to increase two tax relief programs. The tool, which can be found at, allows property owners to enter their 2012 assessed value and receive an estimate of their tax bill. The estimation will include the reduced property taxation rate and the increased Homestead Exemption and Senior Tax Relief credit. Tax bills will be mailed this February.

City Council has approved the mayor’s call to reduce the millage rate from 10.8 to 7.56 mils and to increase the following tax assistance programs:

Homestead Exemption: Owner-occupied properties receive a reduction in the value at which their property is taxed. The current exemption is $10,000 and it will be raised to $15,000. As an example, a $100,000 home with this exemption was taxed at a $90,000 value. It will now be taxed at an $85,000 value.

Senior Tax Relief: Income-eligible property owners, or their spouses born before December 31, 1959, receive a reduction in the value at which their property is taxed. Currently, the program exempts 30 percent of value from a home prior to the Homestead Exemption being applied. It will now be increased to a 40 percent exemption.

In addition to the tax bill calculator, the mayor reminded residents that the city is still helping them file tax relief forms and answer any remaining questions.

“If residents need help filling out tax relief forms, or simply want to be certain that they are receiving all of the tax reductions, please call 3-1-1 or visit City employees will be happy to talk with you over the phone or meet with you in person,” Mayor Ravenstahl said.


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