Membership steady, but declining for Mt. Oliver Ambulance Service


A review of membership numbers opened the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Mount Oliver Ambulance Services (MOAS) last week.

Last year, membership for the borough’s ambulance service totaled 185. This year, the service has 150 members renew or join so far.

Jean Miller, treasurer for the MOAS, said in the early years of the service membership topped 500. In recent years the number of families subscribing has averaged around 200.

Borough residents can sign up for the service which covers the cost not covered by insurance of having an ambulance come to the house. The $25 yearly fee covers all residents of the house.

Mrs. Miller said the average cost of having the City of Pittsburgh paramedics do a transport is $700 and insurances may not cover the full amount often leaving $100 to $150 for the patient to pay on their own. The MOAS covers this amount.

It was reported the 185 subscribers generated $4,625 in fees last year. Miscellaneous expenses were $131.48 for postage; $107 for printing; and, $25.50 for the Ad-Meeting Notice. The service also paid the City of Pittsburgh $2,878.41 for 30 transports. Net revenue for the year was $1,482.61.

To begin the year, MOAS had a balance of $7,436.81 in its checking account and $52,569.49 in a money market account.

In prior years the service has made donations to the borough and its police and fire departments. Some of the things they have contributed over the years were radios for the police and fire departments, a used Jeep for the fire department, new street signs for the borough and $10,000 towards the cost of construction of the Borough Council Chambers.

Last year MOAS quit entertaining requests for help, preferring to maintain the “cushion” in their bank accounts in case of possible unforeseen or excessive expenses. However, when the borough’s back-up generator malfunctioned the service contributed $4,000 toward the emergency generator.

James Perich, president of the service, told the group of residents attending the Annual Meeting the MOAS’s contract with the city to provide ambulance service to the borough was renegotiated about four years. He said after Act 47 the city was obligated to look at the contract.

The new contract was negotiated in 2008 and is for seven years with options to renew it two more times at seven years each.

As part of the MOAS’s Annual Meeting directors and officers are elected. Directors are elected for two year terms and must be members of the service. Officers are elected annually.

Directors elected this year were Pat Malloy and Christine Brendel. Officers are Mr. Perich, president; Joanne Malloy, secretary; and, Mrs. Miller, treasurer.

Directors with terms expiring in 2014 are Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Malloy and Diane Holzer.

The Mount Oliver Ambulance Service is a separate non-profit corporation and operates at no expense to the Borough of Mount Oliver.


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