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Keep calling about snow


Last updated 1/14/2013 at 4:31pm

Thanks for your article about snow removal within 24 hours.

Yes, South Side is filled with the young or with money that don’t know what a broom or shovel is for. But they have landlord who should see to it they do. Put it in their lease or come out and clear it themselves or get someone to do it.

I called 311 (maybe more people should do the same – call and complain) about the lot in the 900 block of Selby Way. The people plowing not only did not clear the sidewalk; they piled nearly half the lot onto the sidewalk: two – three – four feet of snow piled high. We all know that stuff turned to ice. People had to walk out onto the street from Selby Way to McArdle. No one did anything about it because they added the second snow fall to the piles.

The parking lot is for the workers in the 900 Sarah Street building and is behind the building on Selby Way.

The other day I saw a car parked at the other end of Selby Way get a ticket because it was blocking the sidewalk. At least you didn’t have to walk in the street to get past him. The lot plowing had the sidewalk completely blocked from Selby Way to McArdle, not just a few feet.

We need to be calling 311 and any other place we can. Maybe someone will hear us and do something about the people piling snow on the sidewalk or the ones who pile snow into valuable parking places or who make paths but block corners so there is no place to cross.

Since I’m complaining, why are people so excited about permit parking? There is no guarantee you’ll even have a place to park, let alone near or in front of your home as some people believe.

Betty Hillen

South Side Flats


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