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I commend the efforts


Last updated 12/3/2012 at 5:34pm

I want to commend the efforts of my friend and colleague Councilman Bruce Kraus and the many residents and stakeholders who make up the South Side Planning Forum.

Their focused, concerted efforts to put in place a long-term comprehensive plan to manage the growth of nightlife and entertainment establishments while improving neighborhood safety, cleanliness, and quality of life are exactly the kind of community planning efforts that can change a neighborhood for the better.

Councilman Kraus and the community’s work with the Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) will create a model for balancing economic growth and quality of life that will benefit every neighborhood in Pittsburgh and they will have my full support when their recommendations come before City Council in December.

We went through many of the same issues facing the South Side now in Shadyside and Oakland several years ago and it was only through the kind of ‘all hands on deck’ approach that Mr. Kraus, the South Side Planning Forum, and RHI are working to put in place that we were able to solve many of the problems and facilitate both thriving business districts and clean, safe, and desirable residential neighborhoods. If I can be of service to the South Side community in any way throughout this process I urge community leaders, business owners, and the members of the South Side Planning Forum to reach out to my office.

I sincerely hope that their tireless work to address these issues is met with the same resolve and attention from the Mayor’s Office and our City Departments.

William Peduto

Councilman, City of Pittsburgh


Reader Comments(2)

chuckhalf writes:

How come more residential perrmit parking on the SS was approved before the RHI plan about commercial impact has been presented? Why no public hearings yet on parking and enforcement options in the SSNID plan requested unanimously by the five community groups? Democratic process, quality of life, and ecomomic development are at risk without balanced public input in Council Chambers.

Confused writes:

I'm a bit confused here. It is well known that RHI will recommend an Improvement District for South Side. Councilman Kraus has an ID plan sitting on his desk, yet refuses to support a South Side Improvement District. So why are people so happy go lucky about RHI if they wont even enact what we know will be their recommendations? And as for Councilman Peduto, so nice of him to pay attention to neighborhoods that aren't in the East End now that he's running for mayor.


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