Real estate transactions for issue of 11/27/12


16th Ward

Frank Knezevich to Moss Easterly and Hannah Grace Clark at 2218 Arlington Ave. for $62,000.

Marianne Miller et al. to Kathryn and Wayne Miller at 2114 Brent St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $41,067).

Robert Davis to Erus Holdings LLC at 2302 Patterson St. for $35,000.

Michael Srsen to Katherine Srsen at 66 S. 22nd St. for $215,000.

Robert Will to Philip and Leslie Plack at 129 S. 23rd St. for $200,000.

Typecraft Properties LLC to RJ Equities L.P. at 45 S. 23rd St. for $2,050,010.

Peter Goslin to Eric Billings at 2307 Sarah St. for $222,500.

17th Ward

Nancy Padjune Lardo to Chi Ho at 1901 E. Carson St. for $322,500.

Karen Potts to Rebecca Traylor at 1118 Freyburg St. for $111,000.

Margaret Beck to 1019 Sarah LLC at 1019 Sarah St. for $110,000.

Riverside Development Group Inc. to Derek and David Jancisin at 1835 Wharton St. for $475,000.

18th Ward

Virginia Sexton to Philip Wuenstel at 440 Eureka St. for $47,000.

Pittsburgh City to Chaz Clemons at 930 Lillian St. for $2,500.

William Edward Cline to Callawe Bey at 303 Michigan St. for $7,800.

1301 Saw Mill Properties LLP to Firas and Jillian Khalil at Saw Mill Run Blvd. for $65,000.

19th Ward

Kevin Doyle to Vasilios Athanas at 250 Edith St. for $137,000.

Frank Amaditz to Alliance PA Holdings LLC at 428 Natchez St. for $32,000.

Calvin Ludvigsen trustee to Franklin Summers Trabucco and Heather Abraham at 239 Olympia St. for $188,953.

George Lewis to Philip Wuenstel at 280 Paul St. for $55,000.

29th Ward

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Andrew Kubiczki at 126 Overbrook Blvd. for $11,000.

30th Ward

Michael Bazzone to CRC Real Estate LLC at 419 Bausman St. for $10,000.

Mt. Oliver

Paul Kasicky to Robert Beltz at 224 Giffin Ave. for $70,000.


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