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Drugs seized from Hilltop man in Northside traffic stop


Zone 1 Officers initiated a traffic stop last week on October 31 when they saw a black Pontiac Grand Prix with the driver side headlight burned out.

The police approached the vehicle with one Officer approaching from the passenger side where he observed the passenger making suspicious moves inside the car.

Officers spoke with the passenger later identified as Henry Williams who smelled strongly of Marijuana.

Mr. Williams was asked to step from the vehicle where the officers checked him for weapons and recovered a small plastic bag of marijuana. The officers found five Ecstasy capsules, 42 white stamped bags of heroin, $199 in cash and a cell phone.

A search of the vehicle recovered 31 more white stamped bags heroin, a .40 caliber firearm with live ammunition and obliterated serial numbers and a used hypodermic needle on the floor of the car.

The driver, identified as Bret Mechtel, 25, from Houston, PA, and passenger Mr. Williams, 27, from the Hilltop area were both placed under arrest.

Mr. Mechtel was charged with: General lighting requirements, Use of paraphernalia; and, Possession and delivery of a controlled substance.

Mr. Williams was charged with Firearms not to be carried without a license; Former convict not to own a firearm; Altering or obliterating marks of identification; Possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance; Possession of a controlled substance, Marijuana: Possession of a Small Amount; and, an outstanding Bench Warrant


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