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Arrest made in stabbing of bicyclist in South Side


Pittsburgh Homicide detectives have made an arrest in the September 5, South Side stabbing case involving a bicyclist and a motorist.

Anthony Scholl, 21, West Mifflin, was arrested last week at Pittsburgh Police Headquarters after he was transported from the Allegheny County Jail and questioned about the incident. Mr. Scholl is currently incarcerated for an incident in West Homestead, where he has been charged with lighting his parents’ house on fire.

Pittsburgh detectives seized Scholl’s vehicle and it is being processed for evidence of the stabbing.

On September 5, 2012 at approximately 10:50 p.m., Colin Albright, 25, was riding his bicycle home from work. He got off the bike and began to carry it up a set of city steps towards Josephine Street.

Mr. Albright was approaching Josephine Street when he was attacked by a man shown in video surveillance. The suspect, now identified as Mr. Scholl, violently stabbed the victim multiple times in the arms, neck and head, before severely slashing the victim’s throat. Mr. Scholl survived the attack and is recovering from his injuries.

Portions of the video show Mr. Scholl climbing the stairs while approaching Mr. Albright from behind, and then descending back down the stairs after the attack. He ran to the bottom of the stairs, and entered a car which he parked at the bottom of the stairs just before the assault.

Mr. Scholl is facing charges relating to the assault.


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