Real Estate transactions for issue of 10/23/12


Last updated 10/23/2012 at 2:17pm

16th Ward

Donald Hartman to PB Property Development Inc. at 983 Becks Run Road for $27,500.

Norman McHolme trustee to Norman and Molly McHolme at 2110 Merriman Way for $200,000.

17th Ward

Estate of Carol Krauss to John and Jean McCloskey at 8 Gregory St. for $52,000.

William Kittridge to Ranger LLC at 144 S. 17th St. for $218,000.

18th Ward

Jeanne Koch et al. to Alliance PA Holdings LLC at 616 Edgemont St. for $35,000.

Lester Bennett to Mt. Washington Community Development C at 412 Eureka St. for $35,400.

19th Ward

Amaninder Bhullar to Michael Lewandowski at 453 Grace St. for $205,000.

Martin Berger to Paul and Katherine Lecker at 2 Jeanette St. for $31,569.

Anthony Mastraieni et al. to Ryan Johnson at 11 Lelia St. for $79,600.

Pittsburgh City to Sundo Capital LLC at 342 Shaler St. for $3,900.

29th Ward

Raghid Ibrahim to Realty Choice Investments LLC at 1215 Amanda Ave. for $25,000.

Housing & Urban Development to Paul Schaltenbrand at 232 E. Meyers Ave. for $11,150.

30th Ward

Dorothy Wierz to AA Properties L.P. at 322 McKinley St. for $20,000.

Estate of Michael Franke to Bencho Aurora Contracting Services LLC at 340 Rochelle St. for $44,500.

Bencho Aurora Contracting Services LLC to Bones First Pennsylvania LLC at 340 Rochelle St. for $44,500.

Mt. Oliver

Harold Jenkins to Alliance PA Holdings LLC at 238 Anthony St. for $30,000.

Linda Moloney to Minthu Thi Hoang at 217 Giffin Ave. for $17,500.

Fusys Properties LLC to Alliance PA Holdings LLC at 459 Hays Ave. for $32,000.


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