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My First Amendment right


October 9, 2012

In my naiveté, I assumed the First Amendment to our Constitution was in force on the South Side and put an Obama-Biden lawn sign on my Sarah Street home.

The campaign poster was displayed beneath old glory and a Marine Corps pennant reflecting my undistinguished service in that storied Corps. They are there, illuminated, 24-7 and 365 days year. In this case I wanted to advertise that I was a voter who supported our president. The Obama-Biden sign did not last one weekend before it was torn down and dumped in the gutter- where I later rescued it. Truth be told, I should not have been too surprised.

Long ago I quit placing planters full of flowers in front of my home because of their desecration by the drunken barbarians who invade our neighborhood every weekend. Even so I thought a campaign sign, a visible expression of the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom speech, might be safe. I gave the invaders too much credit.

I did not stop to think who and what they are but can now readily imagine who and what they are. I believe, by and large, they are the spoiled, children of privilege who reside in the affluent suburbs with access to much of their parents money. As such they see descending on the South Side much as their grandparents did who went "slumming" in the 20s and 30s.

These individuals, undereducated as to our nation's history and politics, have no regard for the constitution, amendments and even other people's property. Most have never voted. To this last I must say "Thank God."

But this is to inform them that my Obama-Biden sign will return to my Sarah Street stoop, next to the national colors and the USMC pennant. I have a right to put it there. And be advised I will also exercise my right under the second amendment to protect it against those who never learned about constitutions, amendments or even common courtesy.

Chuck Peters

South Side


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