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Permit parking, a bad idea


September 25, 2012

As a longtime resident of South Side, I would be the first to tell you that trying to park on South Side is absolutely atrocious.

It's one of the reasons I dislike booking gigs down on the Flats on the weekends. I know my patrons are going to have a terrible experience trying to find a spot in time to make it to the gig. So, while I appreciate what the community is trying to do with regards to the parking situation, I disagree fundamentally with how it is being dealt with.

As I understand it, a parking permit situation could bar visitors to the South Side from parking in the neighborhood during the day, but that is not when the trouble occurs! During the week, during the day, the small businesses that make South Side the vibrant and lovely place it is have customers and denying those patrons the access to park will severely cut into their ability to exist.

For example, if I need to visit Lunasea Salon on S. 15th or Luxx Salon on Carson by S 11th (my two major daytime destinations) I usually need to park on a side street, there's no convenient E. Carson parking available, and the lots we do have are kind of far away and usually full anyways. The problem with the neighborhood and side streets filling up with the visitors' cars is usually at night on weekends.

Those visitors are drunk and annoying yes, but they faithfully support our neighborhood and deserve to have a safe well lit place to park. Why in the world can't we get a parking garage erected?

Maybe at 18th and Carson where a lot already exists, or maybe behind the post office, or at the other lot in the 1900 block? Shadyside has two such parking structures plus a couple of extra lots and they are a third the size of our business district.

Telling people they can't park in our streets without giving them a better safer option is like using city council to build the biggest parking chair ever.....

We need to rethink this and not kick our guests away and still figure out a way to make it easier for residents to park. If parking was so important to you, wouldn't you move up the hill a little bit and go somewhere with a garage or a parking pad? I did. Allentown rawks yo....

Phat Man Dee



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