Pittsburgh Diocese balances budget


September 4, 2012

Amid fears that a continuing ailing economy and an early projection of a $2.4 million deficit would lead to widespread layoffs, Bishop David A. Zubik informed the pastoral staff of the central administration of the Diocese of Pittsburgh on August 29th that "we have a budget that is balanced, and a new organizational structure to carry it out."

Through a combination of more than $1 million cuts in non-staff expense in pastoral administration, voluntary retirements and a structural reorganization that eliminated 25 full-time positions, eight part-time positions, and created 10 new positions, "we have been able to reach where we need to be now," Bishop Zubik said.

With the new positions necessary to meet the needs of the structural reorganization and vacancies created by those who chose to retire, the number of lay staff displacements was kept to a minimum – two full-time and one part-time.

"The decisions were not easy," Bishop Zubik said. "But they were done with care, precision and professionalism. And with the clear understanding that we are first and foremost Church, not a corporation trying to build an attractive bottom-line."

"We have changed our pastoral staff dramatically. Every area of diocesan pastoral staff has been impacted. Secretariats have been re-structured, positions have been eliminated. This reorganization has affected everyone who is part of pastoral staff – clergy, religious and laity," Bishop Zubik explained.

 "This reorganization combined with the changes introduced to meet the budget deficit has created an entirely new, streamlined diocesan structure that dramatically changes for the better the ministry and service of central administration," Father Ronald

Lengwin, general secretary of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, stated

The reorganization will be effective on October 1.

As with many dioceses throughout the country, the Diocese of Pittsburgh has faced the dual problems of a declining population and a weak economy.

"Most of our parishes have faced these difficulties and struggle with their own limited resources," Father Lengwin said. "The impact is no different on the central administration of the diocese."


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