Birmingham Foundation awards total $1.3 million


September 4, 2012

During the 2011-2012 grant year, the South Side-based Birmingham Foundation awarded 32 grants totaling a record $1.3 million to 28 different health and human services organizations.

As the foundation completes its 15th year of grantmaking in South Pittsburgh, it awarded 21 grants to organizations providing programs that improve youth outcomes such as a Carnegie Library early learning outreach initiative, a youth community engagement and action project through the Hilltop Alliance, a year-round summer and after-school program for at-risk youth provided by Lighthouse Cathedral, youth violence prevention trainings provided by South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace, and the JumpStart Success career exploration and job readiness program provided by YouthWorks, along with many more programs designed to identify issues that affect local youth and ways to improve outcomes.

Several grants were awarded to organizations that provide programs to improve health care outcomes, including Brashear Association, Focus on Renewal (FOR), the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and Mission Vision, Inc. which work to address issues such as food security and improving nutrition, improving health and wellness, and providing free health care screenings. Four grants were provided to the Brashear Association, Carrick Community Council, and the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council, whose programs aim to strengthen services and opportunities for neighborhood residents.

The foundation has plans for several initiatives to celebrate 15 years of working with organizations and residents in South Pittsburgh, as an embedded funder and resource for improving the health and well-being of all South Pittsburgh residents. Look for more updates about 15th Anniversary activities in the coming months.

For a complete listing of 2011-2012 grants awarded and for more information about the Birmingham Foundation including its history, grant guidelines, how to apply for a grant, and to view the organization's publications, visit its website at

Since 1997, the Birmingham Foundation has awarded nearly $15 million in grants to 175 organizations. The organization's three primary focus areas are: improving youth outcomes, with an emphasis on preventing and intervening in youth violence, quality in-school and after-school programs, youth mentoring, and positive parenting; improving health care outcomes, includes increasing services in high-risk and underserved communities; and, strategy for neighborhood development, which involves creating a strategy, implementation, and leveraging interests to develop and improve neighborhoods.


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