One-day seminar helps commercial drivers, those who tow small vehicles


August 21, 2012

Operation: SOAR (Safe Operations Are your Responsibility) is a one-day seminar was designed to educate drivers, safety personal, owners and mechanics who work in the trucking industry with laws that pertain to commercial motor vehicles, as well as small towed vehicles.

The fifth annual event will be held on August 18 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Lot 1 of Heinz Field at Art Rooney Avenue and General Robinson Street.

Topics to be discussed include: Licensing Requirements, Weight of vehicles, load securing and much more. An expert from Harrisburg will speak on "hours of service."

The seminar will be staffed by multiple Motor Carrier Enforcement Teams from throughout Allegheny County. These officers will be on-site to assist the general public on proper safety procedures including how to load, tow and secure trailers of all sizes. Anyone with a small towed trailer, landscape companies, owner operators, and large trucking firms, is urged to attend so they may receive a better understanding on how to safely operate their vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways.

Hands on inspections of all vehicles will be conducted, but the event is not an enforcement event. It is solely intended to educate the public on the proper rules of safe operation of vehicles on Pennsylvania roadways. Owners of vehicles with any defects will be told what needs to be fixed and how to stop these problems from reoccurring.


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