Police arrest drug suspect in Carrick


James Eric Rideout

During an extensive investigation by Pittsburgh Police Narcotics/Vice detectives received information a man going by the name of "J" was selling heroin in Carrick.

Undercover detectives staged several buys from the suspect and were able to build a case through an ongoing investigation.

Beginning on June 4 of this year, undercover detectives made contact with "J" and set a time to meet in the 200 block of Parkfield Street to make a drug buy. "J" arrived at the location in a vehicle driven by a woman with a small child in the rear seat. The undercover detective was able to make a buy of 13 stamped bags of heroin.

Undercover detectives made another drug buy from "J" on June 14. Detectives met him again at the house in the 200 block of Parkfield Street and purchased another 12 stamp bags of heroin.

On June 27 detectives made arrangements to meet to make another buy of narcotics from "J." Just after noon, "J" arrived at the house with the same woman and a child in the rear seat. The suspect changed the location of the buy to a house in the 3100 block of Cordell Place where the undercover detective was able to buy 10 blue unstamped bags of heroin.

Last week, on July 18, undercover detectives made arrangements to make one last buy from "J." Undercover detectives met him at the Parkfield house. "J" once again arrived in the same vehicle with the same woman and child in the back seat.

The undercover detective purchased 50 stamped bags of heroin. During this incident, undercover detectives took "J" in custody, recover the buy money and two cell phones from him. The woman, "J's" girlfriend, was also given her Miranda Rights.

Verbal consent was given to the detectives to search the apartment. Detectives didn't find any additional narcotics or contraband in the residence.

CYF was notified and detectives conferred with the District Attorney's Office to see what charges can be brought against the mother of the child.

The suspect was identified as James Eric Rideout, 24, from Carrick. After his arrest, he was transported to the Allegheny County Jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance; Possession with intent to deliver controlled substance (heroin); Delivery of a controlled substance (heroin); and, Criminal use of communications (cell phone).


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