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Mayor introduces legislation on maximizing market based revenue


Mayor Luke Ravenstahl last week sent legislation to city council that develops a Market Based Revenue Opportunity (MBRO) Program by enacting an MBRO Policy that provides responsible and community-minded guidelines for allowing marketing opportunities on city-owned assets.

The program is designed to enable the city to generate more revenue for capital needs.

"We have worked closely with council members and the community to craft the best possible policy," Mr. Ravenstahl said. "I want to thank our law department, city council and members of the task force for their diligence in seeing this policy through. Through this program, we will improve our ability to raise revenue and, in turn, be able to invest more in our neighborhoods."

The proposed MBRO policy will act as a roadmap of allowances and restrictions for advertising and sponsorship on city assets. Commercial advertising and the advertising of city events may be advertised on city buildings, vehicles, street furniture, park structures and the city website.

Many restrictions exist. For example, emergency vehicles and public safety uniforms are excluded from advertisements and there may be no advertisements for alcohol, tobacco or fire arms.

The city has a revenue-sharing contract with The Active Network, a leader in public-private advertising. The Active Network will assist the city in achieving the highest return on MBRO proposals.

All proposed MBRO opportunities will go through an individual competitive request for proposal (RFP) process. Once the MBRO policy is passed by city council and signed by the mayor, the city hopes to issue RFP's for vendor supplied and maintained business district recycling containers. This MBRO would generate revenue and, in turn, neighborhoods would be provided with additional recycling options.

Mayor Ravenstahl, then city council president, sponsored legislation in May of 2006 that started the MBRO process through the creation of a MBRO Task Force that investigated potential revenue-generating opportunities in all city-owned property. The Task Force comprised of city and community representatives provided input as to the parameters of the MBRO program.

The city's Law Department crafted the policy.


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