Real Estate Transactions for issue of 06-26-12


16th Ward

Gerald Marenholtz to Barbara Ann Bittner at 132 Dawes St. for $51,000.

JLB Development Group LLC to James Fager and Jeanette Oliver at 2355 Holt St. for $325,000.

Estate of Rosemary Herbert to Benjamin Koslow at 13 Kosciusko Way for $58,500.

Frances Kaminski et al. to John Conner LLC at 2736 Mission St. for $25,000.

Estate of Gerald Kissel to Gary and Shelly Bastin at 2319 Sidney St. for $179,000.

Timothy Stawiarski to Lion Holdings Ltd. at 2517 Spring St. for $26,000.

Estate of Paul John Ei to Synergy Capital Inc. at 2315 Wellington St. for $93,000.

Ennis Assoc. to Kajon Materials Inc. at 2115 Wharton St. for $240,000.

17th Ward


Pandaranga Rao Mandava to Hudson Holding Co. L.P. at 1603 Franklin Court for $255,000.

P7 Investments L.P. to Justin and Brendan Jamison at 1817 Mary St. Unit C2 for $320,000.

19th Ward


Henry Chudnovsky et al. to Karen Baumgardner at 146 Basil Way for $112,000.

Diana Maiolo Lininger to Maurice Ferentino and Joseph Bielevicz at 343 Boggs Ave. for $60,000.

Gardy Construction Corp. to Dale Hassler and William Crouse at Clarence St. for $265,000.

Joseph Conway to Michael and Carol Juba at Grandview Ave. for $20,000.

David Scott to Vincent and John Maggio at 811 Grandview Ave. for $205,500.

Jay Juliussen to Jawdat and Antoinette Nikoula at 1700 Grandview Ave. 703 for $495,000.

Kevin Daniel Tessner to Erica Koehl at 212 Plymouth St. for $200,000.

John Didion to John and John Katich at 1727 Rutledge St. for $32,000.

Lon Wright to Jonathan Blose and Kylie Kaminski at 723 Wills St. for $126,516.

29th Ward


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Milee Spencer Avenue L.P. at 219 Spencer Ave. for $96,000.

Mt. Oliver


Justin McLaughlin to Jem Services at 705 Brownsville Road for $22,000.

Daniel Walsh to Allison Turner at 518 Giffin Ave. for $29,900.

Joseph Nigro to John and Dulce Balicki at 648 Margaret St. for $45,000.

Gerald Staab Jr. to Stowe Holdings No 7 LLC at 320 Onyx St. for $25,000.

Mitchell Martin et al. to Justin and Erin Viale at 174 St. Joseph St. for $55,700.



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