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Real Estate Transactions for issue of 04-17-12


April 17, 2012

 16th Ward

Donald Devlin to Mark Kuhn at 1946 Arlington Ave. for $44,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn. to Gregory James Fitzgerald at 2607 Patterson St. for $12,500.

Scott Cahill to Patrick Hickmann at 2612 Salisbury St. for $56,500.

Jon Thomas Richards to RE 360 Partn. 11 L.P. at 2433 Spring St. for $25,000.

Donald Devlin to RE 360 SS Partn. 4 L.P. at 2439 Spring St. and Clover St. for $22,000.

Mary Dembski to Robert Lersch at 2705 Stella St. for $62,500.

17th Ward


Jennie Vacca to William and Kathleen Powell at 1000 Bradish St. and Tenth St. for $64,900.

Alexander Racis to GHG Holdings LLP at 1812 Harcum Way for $18,000.

Julie Wolf Ray to Jordan Michael Saunders at 1109-1111 S. 11th St. for $52,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Margaret Buck and Brian Cohen at 29 St. Thomas St. for $40,000.

18th Ward


Estate of Robert Owens to David Broom at 825 Estella Ave. for $6,000.

Estate of Gilbert Lawrence Schneider to DLS Business Group LLC at 3 Millbridge St. for $20,500.

David Rethage to Alexander Bobbs at 120 Tarragonna St. for $16,500.

19th Ward


Robert Shauger to Rachael Sala at 212 Albert St. for $42,540.

Estate of Sidney Haeck to Theresa Louise Delehanty at 428 Edith St. for $15,000.

David Keller to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 419-421 Sweetbriar St. for $1,721 by sheriff's deed.

Estate of Jean Crowley to Mary and Michael Hietsch at 336 Virginia Ave. for $48,000.

29th Ward


Russell Schmitt to James Howard and Patricia Jenkins at 132 Santron Ave. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $18,486).

Anthony Acquaro to Joshua Smith at 1211 1/2 Transverse Ave. for $50,000.

Estate of Andrew Bobak to Realty Choice Investments LLC at 2312 Valera Ave. for $27,000.

Realty Choice Investments LLC to SEA Management LLC at 2312 Valera Ave. for $53,000.

30th Ward


Mitchell Schwartz to McDonald's USA LLC at 700 Brownsville Road for $240,000.

Mitchell Schwartz to McDonald's USA LLC at 704 Brownsville Road for $160,000.

Mt. Oliver


Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Kevin O'Malley at 222 Onyx St. for $31,000.

Judy Ellgass to Stephen Horvath at 206 Rustic St. for $51,600.



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