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March 27, 2012

A small group of bullies are spreading misinformation about the South Side improvement district effort, yelling at community volunteers at meetings and intimidating their neighbors.

Is that how we want our neighborhood to be? My elderly mother shows her support for the improvement district with a poster in her window, but she worries that someone will vandalize her house.

Can't we let everyone know we want to invest in making our neighborhood better? Maybe these bullies want the drunks and vandals to run our neighborhood into the ground.

Sure, I'd love for the bars to carry their own way. Have they? Heck no. Sure I think the city should do more for the South Side. Have they? I am still waiting.

I support the improvement district because we residents can make the bars take care of business. The plan makes bars, stores and landlords pay the lion's share.

My contribution annually will be less than I spend on cable in a month. By being in the district, we neighbors force the businesses in, and we can watch over how the money is spent.

Residents have always led this neighborhood to a better future. With your support, you can keep the South Side clean, safe and beautiful.

Stop the drunks, vandals and bullies. Show your support for the district by visiting Call Councilman Kraus (412-255-2130) and Mayor Ravenstahl (412-255-2626) and let them know you want this improvement district for our neighborhood.

Greg Quinlan

South Side


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