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Step up to fight for continued bus service in Bon Air


February 14, 2012

Please help us fight the Port Authority Transit's (PAT) service reduction proposal.

PAT is going to eliminate all transit service to the Bon Air Community. There will be a public hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 29 at the David Lawrence Convention Center, downtown Pittsburgh, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Details are at

You can post your comments on the ‘Public Comment Form' link, under the Public Comment section. Make your voices heard or lose your bus! If you wish to speak at the Public Hearing then you must call 412-566-5437 to register your time. There are several of us who will be speaking at 5 p.m.

We need the South Hills community to help support an effort to stop the Pittsburgh Port Authority (PAT) from discontinuing service for the 54 bus route up the 18th Street Corridor. The 54 is the only bus that services the South Side, Mt. Oliver, South Hills, Bon Air, and Carrick residents directly into Oakland.

PAT has a Service Reduction Plan in place that will affect not only this bus route, but many Pittsburgh City bus routes. Mayor Ravenstahl wants us to find alternative means of transportation to get to work/school. He suggests we take the bus as a solution to the parking problem, but how can we take the bus if vital bus routes are being discontinued.

We all know there is nowhere to park in Oakland with UPMC's large hospital campus as well as three major Universities all in the area. The Oakland Catholic and Central Catholic High Schools are also in Oakland and those students have to rely on public transportation to get to school.

The majority of South Hill's students, employees and patients use the 54 bus to get to their Oakland destinations. This bus route is also used to get from the South Hills to the new location of Children's Hospital.

There are also many elderly citizens who live in these areas that use public transportation to complete rewarding volunteer work, attend doctor visits and shop in South Side and Mt. Oliver. With the elimination of the 54's BonAir route, there will be no bus service to that neighborhood.

PAT proposes we walk out of Bon Air and up to Brownsville Road to get a bus to Downtown/South Side. There are very long/steep streets in Bon Air to get to the intersection of Brownsville Road.

PAT also proposes we use the Bon Air T-Station as an alternative route, but we are not going to Downtown, we are going to Oakland.

You can also Contact directly and tell him to add you to the mailing list for the service reduction plan. The changes to this bus route are scheduled to take effect in September 2012.

Concerned Citizens of the South Hills

Sharon Timms

Bon Air


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