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I support the NID in S.S.


Last updated 11/9/2012 at 4:45am

I feel it is necessary to make a comment about the Neighborhood Improvement District (NID).

I am on disability and a senior who is living on a fixed income and am watching my expenses very carefully. As a member of the Improvement District Steering Committee, I am watching to make sure the needs of seniors are respected in our community.

Like me, many seniors are long time South Side residents. We have seen lots of changes in our neighborhood. I feel the Improvement District is a change that will make South Side a much better place to live. It will give us cleaner and safer residential streets, a nicer Carson Street, and a voice in our neighborhood.

For South Siders with Act 77 status, it will do so at no additional cost to them. If you have Act 77 status, which is granted to homeowners over the age of 60 who earn less than $30,000/year, you will not have to pay an improvement fee.

Therefore, The Improvement District will provide services the city will not. We'd all like it if the city could do more, but we know it can't. If we want or expect more, we will all have to do more ourselves.

Our neighborhood is our own highest priority, which is why I am supporting the South Side Improvement District, and I think you should do the same. I long to live in a better, safer, and clean home to spend with my grandchildren.

Wanda Jankoski

South Side


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