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Upcoming hearings scheduled for the Pittsburgh Zoning Board


January 10, 2012

Pittsburgh's Zoning Board of Adjustment has scheduled the following public hearings of interest to South Pittsburgh residents in the first floor hearing room of the John P. Robin Civic Building, 200 Ross Street, Downtown.

Zone case 3/12 on Thursday, Jan. at 9:10 a.m. is the appeal of Richard Lesikiewicz Jr., applicant and owner for 108-109 Brosville Street in the 17th Ward (Zoning District H).

Applicant requests five off-site parking stalls as an accessory use: two for 105 Brosville Street to be located at 109 Brosville Street and three for 107 Brosville Street to be located at 108 Brosville Street.

Special Exception Request: 914.07.G.2(a) – Off-site parking is a Special Exception.

Past Cases and Decisions: ZBA Case 330 of 1993 for 107 Brosville Street, variance granted for erecting 6' high retaining wall, 2' high retaining wall with a 5' high solid fence, and a 4' igh wall with a 5' high solid fence to westerly side of two-story one-family dwelling and 2 parking stalls.

Notes: Certificate of Zoning Classification dated 10/11/1991 for 108 Brosville Stret described us of property as a single-family residence; Certificate of Zoning Classification dated 8/18/2003 for 105 Brosville Street described use of property as residential dwelling; Certificate of Occupancy 75387 for 107 Brosville Street dated 2/28/1998 permitted occupancy in two-story one-family dwelling with 2 stall accessory parking area in front southwesterly portion of yard and 6' high retaining wall and a 2' high wall with 5' solid fence above and a 4' wall with 5' solid fence above in rear yard (2' high guard rail).

Zone case 225/11 on Thursday, Jan. 12 at 9:20 a.m. is the appeal of Heartland Everywhere, applicant, and Landmark Property development LLC, owner for 93 South13th Street in the 17th Ward (Zoning District R1A-VH).

Applicant requests six new attached single-family dwellings.

Variance Requests: 925.06.C – Minimum contextual side setback shall be 3' and 1' requested (for unit H19-B2); 903.03.E.2 – 5' interior side yard setback required and 1' requested (for units H19-A1 and H19-A2); and, 903.03.E.2 – 3 stories maximum height required and 4 stories requested.

Past Cases & Decisions: ZBA Case 14 of 2008, the applicant requested this use to be approved as a change from one nonconforming use to another; approved as a variance subject to conditions: 1. Amended application structure on the subject property may not exceed 40' in height. 2. The applicant shall obtain site plan approval from the zoning administrator demonstrating that all dimensional requirements of the Zoning Code not expressly addressed in this decision are met; provided, however, the applicant may utilize the setbacks extablished by the existing basement and foundation walls. 3. The applicant may utilize a contextual setback along Sarah Street. 4. The applicant shall file with BBI a constructability plan demonstrating how the adjacent properties will be protected during construction and how all voids and other features arising from the previous demolition will be addressed.

Notes: Certificate of Zoning Classification 117592 dated 4/18/2007 described the current use of property as "warehouse."

For more information on the City of Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustment, go to: ment.html.


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