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Councilman still urging homeowners to file formal appeals to new assessments


January 10, 2012

At press time, Councilman Bruce Kraus was still recommending homeowners file a formal appeal if they feel the 2012 assessment they received is too high.

Although County Executive Rich Fitzgerald had the old assessments certified for use and canceled any informal appeals that were scheduled, Common Pleas Judge R. Stanton Wettick Jr. ruled the new assessments should be used.

In the meantime, the judge was taking into consideration a request by Pittsburgh Public Schools to delay the use of the new reassessments a year. The Pittsburgh School Board was concerned with so many people appealing their assessments, the true assessment to base their millage may not be known for months.

Those who would like to seek a formal review of their reassessment have until February 10. The formal review may be scheduled by calling 412-350-4600 or by visiting and downloading the appeals form.

The appeals form is also available through Councilman Kraus' office by calling 412-255-2130 or his satellite office at 412-431-1014. The councilman's office will mail out the form to those requesting one.

The councilman said he and his staff will be available for those needing help filling out the form.


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