Who really benefits


December 6, 2011

In response to Scott Kramer's letter (Why a NID is important, Nov. 15, 2011).

In his letter, he states he doesn't want the residents to be pennywise and dollar foolish. The only ones that will benefit from the Neighborhood Improvement District are businesses like his.

They want to bring in more visitors to the South Side so the businesses will make more money. So why do I as a resident have to pay a fee so the businesses get richer.

All I want to know is what benefits will I get for my fees paid to the NID. Nothing! As a resident, I will be paying for improvements in the business district.

Residents wise up. They are ramming this NID down our throats. At least Mr. Murrer is doing something for the residents and they look at him as a threat to their plans. This is not for the residents only the businesses.

Why didn't they start a Business Improvement District (BID)? They could cut their budget and only go with the businesses.

Residents who do not want this should vote no.

Susanne Booritch

South Side


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