NID not right for So. Side


Last updated 11/9/2012 at 4:52am

I have to write about the Neighborhood Improvement District proposed for South Side.

The business district and the new home area of the neighborhood received their surveys three weeks earlier than some residents. Most of the residents received near me their surveys Thursday night and they were due on Friday morning. Many felt that their opinion would not count so they didn't return them. Why weren't they all mailed at the same time?

Another major consideration, when the ballots are mailed (I hope not like the surveys), if you don't return your ballot it will be counted as a yes vote. Talk about an election being unfair. You have no say so in this matter. This ensures the district will be approved.

At the Oct. 24 Improvement District meeting it was brought up if senior citizens get a break and not have to pay a fee, they should not get a vote on this issue. Please be aware seniors are still paying their property taxes and they should still vote. Similar to the residents who do not pay property taxes on their new home in the district for 10 years, should they not have a vote also.

The seniors never had that option.

Residents are not getting anything from this proposed $1 million budget, but they can't get this money from the businesses alone so they include the residents. The businesses will benefit from these fees not the residents.

I hope the residents get their ballots sooner than they received their surveys. They should count the votes like a regular election, counting the yes and no votes as any other vote. Give South Siders a fair fight.

Remember if you don't return your ballot, you are stuck with a $5 million budget for five years and believe me it will go up.

Vote no.

Susanne Booritch

South Side


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