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Police target area school zones for safety initiative


September 27, 2011

From Tuesday, Sept. 6 through Sept. 16, the Pittsburgh Police Motor Unit issued 482 citations for motorists exceeding the speed limit in school zones

Twelve motorists were cited for passing school buses while stopped with activated flashing lights and a couple of school buses were cited for speeding in school zones.@

In the two week back-to-school safety initiative 50 school zones were enforced. Police officials said it is "imperative" the motoring public drive with caution through these zones for the safety of school children, pedestrians and other motorists who are in compliance with the law.

Police say they are committed to making the roadways safe for all who travel throughout the city. The Traffic Division will make every effort to continue to educate the public on the dangers of speeding in school zones and the passing of school buses.@

Motorists are urged to obey the laws and signs when traveling in posted school zones and adhere to the flashing lights of a stopped school bus that may be loading or discharging students.@


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