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Get to know neighbors


August 30, 2011

I would like to thank my neighbors Glen and Lorie Moss and Angela, as well as the Pittsburgh Paramedics and the staff at UMPC Mercy for helping to save my life.

I live on Sidney Street in South Side and in September I will be 70 Years old. I was in my backyard alone when I slipped and fell on a large empty ceramic flower pot. The shards severely lacerated the top of both of my arms.

I struggled to open the storm door, made it to the telephone to call 911, but my fingers would not work. Somehow I managed to open my front door and ran across the street to my neighbors for help. My neighbors called 911, wrapped@towels around both of my arms, and applied pressure until the paramedics arrived. They were there within five minutes.

@Also, I want to caution everyone to be extra careful when they are around clay pots, pottery, glass top patio furniture, etc., one slip can cause a catastrophic accident.

Lastly to the many college students and others who continue to move to South Side, I suggest they get to know their neighbors. They can be a life saver!

John Shatlan

South Side


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