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Challenge the PLCB


For all of the long-suffering property owners and business owners who have been victimized by the irresponsible and destructive actions of offenders in their alcoholic stupor: Take heart and throw down your gauntlet of challenge to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Let them put their money where their liquor licenses are dispensed.

Let them pay the insurmountable expenses caused by their irresponsible and lucrative dispensing of licenses.

Presumably, with each new and re-issued license that is applied for and bought, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board benefits financially. And, with every license sold, an establishment makes alcoholic beverages available which can undermine the dedicated initiative needed to keep our neighborhood economically strong.

And, for each arrest made due to destructive drunkenness – accompanied by a copy of video proof (while keeping the original) – the PLCB should be made responsible for providing matching funds to the victimized property owner for each fine incurred by the offender.

George L. Anderson

South Hills


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