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Kraus has been there


Former Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, once said all politics is local, never has a more accurate statement been said about the political process.

I take politics very seriously, especially since it has been my career of choice for the past five years, so leading up to an election I usually end up putting a lot of thought into who I am going to vote for, except for this election, this one is simple.

This year we have four candidates running for the District three seat; Jason Philips, Gavin Robb, Jeff Koch and Bruce Kraus

I am a lifelong resident of the Hilltop community of Allentown, I am the president of the Zone Three Public Safety Council, former VP and current board member of the Allentown Community Development Corp., board member of the Hilltop Alliance and a member of the Friends of Grandview Park. I include these things because I put a lot of hours, sometimes up to 20 a week, attending community events and meetings and I can count the amount of times I have seen all three of the challengers, on one hand, over the past four years. Only one candidate has been actively involved, Bruce A. Kraus.

I know Bruce Kraus and the passion he has for his job, he fights everyday for the same issues people all across the district need, and want, for their communities, whether it be cleaning illegal trash dumps in Carrick, Public Safety and housing issues in Beltzhoover or advocating for a safer and cleaner South Side through a Responsible Hospitality District, which could lead to an increase in police presence for the rest of the Zone Three communities.

When you vote this year you should take into account where all of the candidates have been, and ask how committed they are, to District Three when it is not campaign season and then go out and vote for the only candidate who will stand up for you, and beside you, Bruce Kraus for city council.

Ken Wolfe

18th Ward 9th District Committeeman


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