It's not our fault


I happen to be an owner of a condo at 66 Pius Street and I feel obligated to inform everyone that the pot hole laden parking lot and the sidewalk (Pius speed a problem, South Pittsburgh Reporter, April 19, 2011) isn't the property of the condo building.

In 2007 the owners of our building collectively paid over $12,000 above and beyond our monthly association fees to repair the parking lot issues only to be later informed (two years and many more pot holes later) that we do not actually own the lower parking lot nor the sidewalk in front of the parking lot.

When the building was bought and converted into condos in 1990 the true owners of that parking lot and sidewalk (the Catholic Diocese) granted our building "right of way" privileges and nothing more.

Frankly, before you rant and rave about the disarray of properties around you, perhaps you should conduct a bit more research.

We, like you, own our homes and would like for them to be as presentable as possible. We as owners of the condos at 66 Pius Street have fought and lost many a battle to create a more presentable and safe entrance way to our building.

Sarah Hartten



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