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It's Zoning Board's move


March 29, 2011

If the Pittsburgh Zoning Board approves of the proposed after hours club in the 2200 block of E. Carson St., then those members who voted in favor of it need to get their heads examined.

They may as well change the name of Carson St. to Drunk St. I live on the 2300 block of Sidney and everyone I talked to is against this. It's hard to park on this block now. People here still have bad memories of the former Lotus Club which was an after-hours club on Sidney. When the Lotus Club degenerated, when it was sold, there were numerous fights, drunkenness, prostitutes, vomiting, loud music, broken beer and constant profanity at all hours of the night. Some neighbors with children moved.

You don't put an after-hours club near private homes and businesses. Especially in a neighborhood saturated with liquor licenses. 

Does the city think that Perlora and the Pittsburgh Jean Co. want to see vomit, blood and broken beer bottles in front of their businesses?

One just needs to listen to the police radio late at night on weekends. South Side's Carson St. is well represented with fights, people passed out on sidewalks, calls for paramedics, loud music, etc. Enough is enough.

I read in The Reporter that the owner of Perlora said: "If this happens, you're going to lose a business like Perlora." If that doesn't get the city's attention, nothing will and Carson St. will continue to degenerate.

It's your move Zoning Board! Just say no.

John Shatlan

South Side


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