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Change isn't bad


March 29, 2011

As a longtime resident of South Side I disagree with Mr. Nogal on a few points he made (D. Schnippert got it right, South Pittsburgh Reporter March 22, 2011).

South Side is not trying to get rid of the older generation, things happened that have nothing to do with "getting rid of the older generation." Transition is a positive thing for South Side.

The police station was old and a danger to the officers' health, the mayor made a wise decision to move the station to a better building.

By chance did you watch the report on WTAE TV regarding the fire station and the health problems they face? I sure hope for the sake of the firefighters' health they move them from that station to a better one.

The post office is sitting on a prime piece of real estate, it was only a matter of time before the USPS moved out. I am highly disappointed in the closing of the South Side hospital but it still does serve in a limited capacity which is better than being closed.

If Schwartz market had more customers, I'm sure it would have survived; I do agree that South Side needs another grocery store.

South Side is doing so much better than other former "steel towns." The older generation should embrace the change and be glad that Carson Street is not boarded up buildings.

Barbara Bell



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