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Do I have this right?


Last updated 11/9/2012 at 5:40pm

Okay, let's see if I got this right?

The Schwartz Market served the community for 83 years by providing a wonderful grocery store where you could, literally, buy anything from soup to nuts. You needed it, they had it.

A huge bonus of having the Schwartz Market was it was the only grocery store on that end of town and most likely was one of the reasons no matter when you went in the store there were people in line at the deli counter, shopping up and down the aisles and in the checkout lines. The employees were friendly, helpful and knew your name.

Its convenient location made it a God-sent to the neighborhood made up of college students, young professionals, families and our senior citizens. You could walk to the store and not have to worry about walking for blocks or getting in your car, driving to the other end of town and fighting the madness of the "other" grocery store on South Side.

Now the property owner wants to have a "production roof garden; solar generation electricity, community programs incorporating the creative arts into nutrition and health education and a worm farm." Really? A worm farm?

Oh, and there is a mention of eventually having a full-scale market with a focus on locally and organically grown food (always more expensive). We also know it "won't be a fast transition," which will leave many people in the neighborhood stranded and without options of where to shop.

I know many people in the neighborhood are very disappointed and saddened by the closure of the Schwartz Market and are equally disappointed the property owner was unable to work out a lease with a company that could have opened another much needed grocery store.

While the property owner may have a vision, I believe she is very short-sighted about what the community needs, or for that matter, wants.

D. Schnippert

South Side


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