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March 15, 2011

Let me correct some information you may have got recently about a drug bust at Carrick High School.

The school was not in lockdown. I know because I was at the school when this was going on. I went in and out of the school about three times. I saw the police dog and the officers.

When I went into the school I passed the police K-9 and officer outside the main entrance. I walked in through the front door and saw the principal and said hello. I did the usual walking through the metal detector, I took care of the business I needed to do at that time and left. I needed to go back into the school and when I returned I did the same thing.

If the school was in lockdown we would not have been allowed to walk into the school at all. I did hear the kids were held in their classrooms while the dog was in the building; I understand that and have no problem with the decision.

My son is a senior and has been at Carrick for 3½ years, I am quite confident he is safe there or he wouldn't be going there.

Also, if they found one child with 10 small bags of heroin, I am thrilled that they took such fast action. The police didn't find any other illegal substances. For a school of that size they only found that amount of drugs.

I had no trouble with the way that was handled, my son brought home a letter from the principal and I was able to talk to her when she answered the phone at 3:45. She explained to me what happened and I was surprised people thought the school was in lockdown.

I get really tired of people putting down this neighborhood and the schools here. Do we have problems? Yes, but so do other neighborhoods who are financially better off than we are. We have great schools, administrators, staff, teachers, parents and kids at Carrick.

We also have a great supportive neighborhood. There's the recreation center across the street that also supports our kids. In our neighborhood we have Carrick Community Council, Carrick Athletic Association, a great library with wonderful programs, Phillips Park Advisory Council that helps with the park and recreation center.

The recreation center runs programs for preschool age children through adults. We have special activities that happen all year long.

The community council sponsors the annual Halloween Parade and Cornfest. The athletic association has a baseball/softball parade and runs a fantastic collection of leagues that keep the children busy. The recreation center participates with the Cornfest and operates very diverse programs all year long.

The most involved is the Haunted Park at the center every year. Children and families are brought by van from other rec centers here to participate. The adults and children of the community prepare the gym at the center and then run the haunted park.

It also has a game room, gym, weight room and a Wii that is the hit of the center. In the summer the pool attached to the center is open and has a water carnival. The high school has the usual musicals, plays, concerts, indoors guard shows, and wrestling tournaments among other things.

There is always something good and wonderful going on in the community.

Please understand where I am coming from. Don't knock our community without checking it out. Come see us at work.

Terry Ann Michel



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