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What's the real agenda


Nice impartial letter on Gavin Robb (Letters to the Editor, What is Robb's affiliation, Feb. 22, 2011).

Since Mr. Checkeye felt the need to point out Mr. Robb has changed his party affiliation, he should also mention when it was changed. That would be the objective thing to do. The answer is two years ago in 2009, before he ever contemplated running for city counsel.

Rather than citing objective facts, Mr. Checkeye chose to invoke names like Bush, Santorum and Palin. Why not go the extra mile and just call him Stalin or Hitler? This is nothing more than political mud-slinging.

Any objective reader could clearly discern that this hateful diatribe was motivated by a political agenda. The question is...who's agenda? Not surprisingly, this question leads to the conclusion Mr. Checkeye is doing the bidding of some other candidate who wants to sling mud without getting his hands dirty.

This behavior is reflective of the problems with the "old school" mentality and another reason why it is so clear that change has become necessary.

As a practicing municipal attorney and president of the South Side Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Robb has the education, experience and qualifications to help unite the residents and business owners to work towards a common goal of making our district a better place to live.

Dan Pietragallo



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