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By Margaret Smyka
Contributing Writer 

Borough still looking into cracked sidewalks, warns residents may get water shut off notices


(Due to the snowstorm, The South Pittsburgh Reporter was unable to attend the meeting. Below are some highlights.)

At its February meeting, Mount Oliver Borough Council discussed the cracks in the sidewalks and curbs near roughly eight homes on Church Ave., which a resident has been complaining about for months.

Council President James Cassidy said the borough has researched the sidewalk issue but the sidewalk work was completed ten years ago, making the investigation difficult. Borough officials have gone back as far back as they could and didn't find anything a warranty or guarantee.

But the borough is responsible for the curbs, and in the spring it will replace some of the curbs.

In other news, Jordan Tax Services is currently pursuing $70,000 in delinquent sewage accounts.

If borough residents have any questions or problems with the tax collecting service they should contact Jordan Tax Services at 724-731-2324 and not the borough. The owner of a property is legally responsible for the sewage payments. If a tenant does not pay the sewage bill, the past due notice will go to the owner instead of the tenant.

If the delinquent accounts are not paid, water will be shut off. Notices will be sent out prior to shutting off the service.

Residents should contact Jordan Tax Services if they receive a shut off notice, the borough has nothing to do with shut-offs, said Mr. Cassidy.

About $152,000 is owed the borough in delinquent sewage accounts. Once the contact information on all the accounts is in-hand, they will all be pursued.

In the police report for January, Councilman Patrick Malloy said 809 calls were answered.

The next council meeting will be on March 21.


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