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Manners, Mr. Kraus


January 25, 2011

The Barnes & Noble website lists 165 books on "manners and etiquette," most of them geared towards children, however, I would suggest Bruce Kraus needs to read one.

When I read in the January 11th South Pittsburgh Reporter, that Mr. Kraus was taking credit for "protecting libraries" I was left with an ill feeling in my gut. How dare the councilman take credit for the hard work of others.

While the city did approve a one-time $600,000 contribution in December '09 and another one-time $640,000 contribution, I would hardly call this "protecting libraries" – especially since the city has failed to come up with even half of the cash. This is more of a token gesture than anything else (although apparently enough to grandstand on). Nothing from Pittsburgh City Council has been done to keep the library system afloat beyond 2011 or to remedy any future funding short comings.

As for the renovations Mr. Kraus promised in typical "political fashion," those funds are coming from the Carnegie Library's 11th Campaign to Upgrade Branches. Because of laws that govern non-profits, the $2.7 milion can not be used for operations. This money did not come from the city's coffers.

Maybe Bruce Kraus should pay a visit to his local Carnegie Library, re-familiarize himself with the Dewey Decimal System and find a book on manners. Hopefully there will be a few pages about not trying to steal the spotlight from others.

Bob Foster

Mount Washington


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