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More to lose in So. Side


December 21, 2010

We've seen our community lose a lot over the last four years. We've lost a police station and hospital. Recently we even lost a hardware store that had served our community for 75 years. Also, we hear rumors that it won't be too long before we see the doors of Schwartz Market close.

Furthermore, based on the recent actions of the management at the South Side Post Office it looks like we may be losing yet another institution. Plans have been made to move the mailmen who serve the South Side to the Mount Oliver branch. While this may not be seen as a major change to most, I think that as a community that has been on the losing side of many recent decisions, we should take notice and heed the writing on the wall.

Moving our mailmen to work out of a new branch might just be the first move in a strategic plan to close the South Side Post Office. This looks like it could be the case, especially when you consider the current lease on the Post Office expires in 2011.

It saddens me to watch our neighborhood disappear one business at a time. Please join me in calling our Congressman, Mike Doyle, and let him know that we want our mailmen and our Post Office to stay right where they are! You can reach the Congressman's Pittsburgh Office at 412-261-5091.

Jason Phillips

South Side


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